Monday, March 26, 2012

The Uncertainty

Frequency, the brain is dead,
Pops open the eyes; your hair began to fall,
Things are OK, yet he says the life is fuzzy,
He asks, do you like me, still he is confused,

He talks about racism, happy to race with them,
Asks us about the whites, the darks, the blacks,
Yet he fails to realize he isn't liked,
And again, he asks do you like me, still he is confused,

Define logic, he asks; there is no logic for this,
Problems can be small can be large,
But he will still have that fall,
And yet again he asks, do you like me,

The gentle sound, eyes popped out, with the papers flying,
Stuck with the solution to which NOW the problem has been offered,
Many ways to solve the indefinite, yet none to choose from,
Confused, he screams and yells are you made for it??

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