Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Seamless Perfection

You crave for the one to be on your arms tonight,
Start building up a varied number of strings to show your might,
Time and the emotions start opposing each magnitude,
You just wish you could forever love the one with the same attitude,

Only by the light inside the on sight of the shallow notes,
Love can be felt like the trickle on your deep throat,
It can’t be the rock felt on the head of the dead emotions and the skanked evenings,
Fine in every fines and the limited scarlet’s in the deep forests twining’s.

Wild, widest the craziness running inside the infuriated brain,
Let it flow, deep , too deep down until it reaches the narrow drain,
Watch them suffer, for you, decide when to run or when to burn,
Sweet and broad staged exits, make you decisive to face the time for your turn,

Handle the every small and minute of the fractions that can extract you,
Into the war those have put against to resist in the various hues,
Hi, I am the reflection of you and what you see Is ME,
Grab me, bind me with you, it is never too late, settle up and let’s get free.

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