Monday, March 19, 2012

The Dream Watch

The clouds and the dreams beyond them,
The distant visions that we all like to blend,
Fall in a sweet distance amongst the likings and disliking of ours,
It all depends on how we all learn to manage our hours,

Its all within the boundaries and the shadows of the evenings,
All in all it is the downs and the mixed feeling with those grinning,
Raise the bar if you can because there is no limit to the insanity,
We the humans are just a piece in the puzzle kept under leashes of the gravity,

Try not to hold to the ground, there much above the skies,
Wings and the restored divisions inside the soul kept to fly,
Find the hollow openings to fit into the persona you possess,
The tide is too high to reach beneath the breathe, learn to obsess,

Never too tough to reach the last drop of the ocean,
Pause between the gaps and the resistance you could v offered by those notions,
The room can be filled with the sparkles and the spectacular mystiques,
Show your presence to everyone and uncover the ever so bold physique.

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