Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rare Life

Perfect, the distant, from the incomplete,
the yard has nets ready and loaded, yet the fishes were obsolete,
Strings of many and the things of few,
shipping things out of the hands, just like the leaf dew,

Pebbles struck beneath the strong currents,
There were no nothing left in the lake the rocks were blunt,
Left were the remains of the bland flavor of what was dead,
Life was very rare, on which time had fed,

Magnified into the mystical diversity of the found,
life was running after, barking, screaming just like a hound,
journey was too long to be felt on the road,
they were the obstacles, jumping like hiccups in the throat,

The trip had just ended, waiting for another to come,
it was the fight that led to the spark for the revolution,
many came up to the wall, but the brave ones were of the slum,
Nothing was new, something was special, life was rare in every generation.

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