Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Monetary Faith

Forever young and golden the ages we pretend to fall into,
It never ceases to amaze the trickery it presents impromptu,
No religion no caste binds people in a way money binds,
Faith put on top of other forever scrutinizes and make you blind,

In the quest for faith and super-stitched-stitions ,
No pride filled with utmost possessions, attest the show off notions,
Easy to pull off the demoted convictions,
Rising on top of the rested attachments held for too long to become abrasions,

Falling into the hands of the healthy greedy,
put under rest and empty handed are the rightful needy,
Movement on the run forever to the mountains in search for the shelter,
Reason after everything and nothing that’s what been left to cherish,

Painting the walls red, the sun wasn't to bright for the color,
To the night, where the milkyness of the moon had its own flavor,
Breeding out of everyone existing under the false shadows is not easy,
Run by the priests to the people; work undone by all too breezy,

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