Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Relics of Lusted Love

The willow on the bed cracked and the lamp shade faded,
Slowly moving out of time the land started shifting with the love jaded,
Nightmare dipped in the prefect blend of shadows,
Streets were full of withered leaves singing the tired mellows,

Caught in between the strings of trust and faith,
The fool was lead on to believe the mighty clouds full of love, were a wraith,
Cracked were the walls, with riveting out nails out of the paintings,
Lonely enough to find the fake deliverance of those things,

Soft spot and the sweet dent within the ushered curtains that hid the room,
Charred and scattered pieces on the floor needed more than a broom,
The three words, oh really, the fate and events and the deliberations,
Was the cotton as pure as it reflected in the real and was the affections?

The mirrored projections shown were enough to build the dreamt of castle,
But the heart couldn’t resist the old feelings, and brought upon miseries and hassles,
It rained and poured the roof couldn't hold for too long,
The lusted love, made it too weak, that once you deemed as strong.

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