Monday, September 24, 2012

Face or Haze

Tremendous energy the rock hit the bottom without a noise,
These many miles covered under the attack of the aging wisdom without a choice,
Final the respite offered by the poor to the rich under the culted belt,
There are options in life and there are things no one can't do without help,

Singing to the rhythms of the never unheard beats upbeats the harmony of life,
Scoop up with the marching on off the real bites of the tragedies that hit you,
Vulnerable the thoughts that pulled up in the time that caught up within the straight frame,
Bended them with the burdens of the reality and color them with black white hues,

Drained every bit of the fashion left in to cover the real with the unreal,
A lot of wood was burnt to keep the body warm and the air was ever so surreal,
Inside the rear, the back stage of the store, were kept the tool left to be explored,
No one to try and no one to hide, there were many yet few of them had the time to get floored,

Moving out of the deep mystery of what to do and what had been done,
The selfish and free, all had the same test just waiting to be run,
In few moments, carving the flow and soon the light lit up the the room filled with them all,
There was nothing left in haze, there were faces that always kept leaving the same hall.

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