Monday, September 24, 2012

Petition for Love

Notifications, desperation and the wealthy yet so filthy imaginations of the destitute,
Never imagined will land in the sand so quick and submissive,
Insightful however are the ideas of development may it be the love of his,
It wasn't enough for the spider web he spun along with it poisoned his own creative gift.

How fast time flies pretends the events never fired and trimmed the real meaning of power,
Funny thing about that is the punch and crunch lies safe within us for the time is the carrier,
Spectacularly the brightness lit the whole room enough to blind for the heavy drapes were falling,
The pain and the surprise all were like the mixed pack of various cigarettes ready to burn up,

Face up, the consequences of what he had done, dropped the glass and shattered pieces,
Walking the life on the brim line he made for himself, hoping to catch her again,
Every feeling, the last drop of that shattered glass had the purest love he possessed,
For the disgust that brought him threw him more and more away from her,

An image of the best he could ever dreamt of, the way she had always been with him,
He cried for nights to forget the days, the way she kept up and adjusted, he was amazed,
For it’s not too late to file a petition to win her love back,
For the time left, let's make it a beautiful place to live in filled with memories to save and die for.

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