Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Long Road

Distant dreams, small, big, still the blurred cloud,
The fool moved on to the beckoned vision wearing the pure shroud,
Long journey ahead, and the revolution couldnlt see awaiting him,
The path he was boarded on had the lights soft and were dim,

Riding all alone, with the covered scenario waiting to get uncovered in a flash,
The outcomes that he faced struck him in a dash,
Waited at certain points patiently, grabbing the support of the fallen trees slowly,
Presented himself with the deep pain uptight and very closely,

Now knowning the road he was on the path he chose, hard,
Covered himself with the cold shield of faith and teared apart shroud,
Blinding lights and the false impression caught his glance and the heartbeat,
He wondered is it the way or I was deliberatly led to this wrong street,

End of the night, dawn of a new day, broke all the unseen rusted shackles,
Switched on the parallel imagination that got caught between moments of blurredness,
Got back and dragged back to the ever so pureness that was lost and slipped out,
Marched on forward without looking back in the mirror for the expenses he had to shout,

It was just a phase that passed on by, and built castle of his dreams and desire,
Desire which he found out on the long road he took ,and the learnings he learnt.
It was the satisfaction that showed him life,
And the emotions that would have had him completely burnt.

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