Friday, November 11, 2011

Long Subdued

Rusty, windy, fallen out of line,
it had been a very long time,
recollecting back from scarp ,
trying to get everything back in my grasp.

Wondering, thinking , passion restored or just a faint outburst,
is it those one of those eye blinding moments,
or am I really craving again for the thirst,
pitching every word just in line to bind those shimmery ornaments.

Cradled by the on goings in the life,
was unfazed by the ornaments i had left to be woven,
frozen , still, yet so dynamic life had strived,
that i had left the doors for sorrow open.

Had to come out of the cobwebs,
build slowly and gradually steps for the life I had lead ,
find an entry for the exit i had longed for,
could see the light at the end of the tunnel and I fled.

Here I am back again, same old story,
yet with a different and composed version of present,
because the past led to many paths and rest was history,
tarnished and shining everything around was pleasant

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