Friday, November 18, 2011

Hard Target

Patience, nerves, panic, struck by all these notions,
and all we are stuck in the quicksand, and keep falling in ocean of emotions,
plans, targets all quickly die out to the burden,
no one ever tries to think through the far and out mysteries,

desperately try to wash away the so unwanted sins,
which are now laden deeply in your skins,
the process tries to glitch out everything that has left in you,
move out, and try to fit yourself in other's reality and shoes ,

rehabilitate, rejuvenate, heavy but will lighten the mind,
sanity has never helped the humanity, and neither will do good to you, unless you unbind,
look inside the mirror, and come out on the other side,
its only then you will reach the place where there are no rules to which you have to abide,

click the button and restart and tune the final adjustments,
enough has been done to layer the ever so absorbing endowments,
time has come to pay off every single of the depths you owe,
rise up and recollect and give them a sweet yet the final blow.

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