Monday, November 14, 2011

Mindfucked Pleasures

He enters the door, waiting for her flesh to come,
drops the glass and grabs hard to .the core,
unruffles her hair. and lifts her up and close,
unhook the blouse, and baby my body is all yours,

deep, too deep you penetrate the soul of my skin,
everything turns upside and you rock my world,
something starts and something climbs up inside,
pain, no pain, its all gain from these well furnished sins.

stranger in no eyes, you and me, crawled up like a snake,
time for break , lets try something else,
been running over each other on the same grounds,
i love the way you pounce and makes me create new found sounds,

Fire, oomph, nirvana , you reach the ultimate moment breathless,
wish I could pull over every skin of mine over you and give you unfound pleasures,
rubbing against you, the friction, the force, I am drop dead,
catch me please I have no energy left, just do it once more and help me spread


seher said... are getting there... poetry with bed manners is not easy bt a nice try...i like d end tho

Nishant Mohan said...