Saturday, November 12, 2011

Till Death

presence of what you feel is always not there if you think,
belongings of those where are placed while be pleased,
justify the need of the staircase in the house,
when you are sitting beside your spouse.

smile, knee bent, craving for a deep abyss,
All i want from you baby is a sweet gentle kiss,
running hiding, from the poison eyes of yours,
your warmth takes me to the farthest ends of those sea shores

open the treasure chest you wont find any gems,
all you will get is our deep love and its stems,
always be my side, as I need you, I crave for you,
I couldnt miss the moment to watch you sleep in my arms

no matter how much you hide behind those stupid cushions,
I still pull you out of your blushes and gushes,
I want to love you till the end of the end of my new found insanity,
because there no better reason for you to show the formalities.

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