Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Do you often travel that high,
one that you feel when you touch the skies,
where you can touch yourself and you dont feel anything,
from the height, all those known earthly objects turn out to be something

proven true in the open, the feel of gravity,
it automatically turns yourself to the undisclosed brevity,
"please fasten your seat belts" as it may not be safe,
they give you a feeling as if the next thing you will land up in your grave

the wingspans piercing those surreal and heavy clouds,
it feels like the wings are covered with never so ending shroud,
briefly detailed the mystiques of the driver of the bird
he is just another mortal battling in that flock of herds

fast paced, tight laced, slim caged, the journey is short,
there hasn't been much ending without being flawed,
once you cover the wings with the burden of those heavy emotions,
you will end up living your life with nothing but desperate situations...

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