Tuesday, November 15, 2011


significant, yet so demeaning, the chord was not so weak,
uncover the cover of the shadow and try to reach to the peak,
funfilled soft candy has to melt everytime,
its all depends how you handle the timings of your selfish crimes,

eye catching, softening things are never sufficient to fill the needs,
man has ever lusted for all, improvises ever on his greeds,
ever looked in that glass called mirror with some magnitude,
find yourself and try to locate your hidden gratitude,

bright light always catch your attention, you fool,
you lose out on the darkness embedded within you, dont borrow the spoon,
lingering your way to the so called success, never rippen,
in this process you lose out yourself and start to frighten,

the movie is running, projecter won't stop running, have you really filled it,
intensify the emotions filled with the deepness lying inside you,
burn out every inch of the flesh youve got,
try to fill out every gap waiting to be furnished and dont stop.

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