Monday, November 14, 2011

Redemption Steps

Finally the call has been answered, the dialer has reached the beep,
as a matter of fact it never occured that he was himself the thee,
bent the ways like the shatterd rim of the reading glass,
I would still narrate every bit of the details of the golden history and its class,

Walking by the isle alone carrying my shoes in my hand,
rest of my people were sitting and merrying in those deep lying stands,
staring and rushing on that sand floor, with every grain slipping down,
turn around and every face is carrying a deep hidden frown.

Sunrays strike upon the hung over face lying on the beach, numb and free,
fanatic and busted moved up, crawled to feel the zeal of the cool water,
buttoned and stradled up, comforting every step up to the hill straight,
cottage, distant view, felt a life up there and a hope to rest finally and felt great,

With every step he took, every sweat he broke, was a shining light of hope,
condition getting worse slowly slowly turning into a state of dope,
the last step and his last breathe, a kick, a burst of energy, white dress, bare footed,
with eyes wide open couldnt believe the final step he took and the face he saw,

A glimpse and he fell, carrying a deep lying curious smile, yet so fragile,
every breathe, pulse in his body yet asleep was ever so agile,
with the stroke of the night summoned, so did his eyes opened to see the moon by his side,
crystal clear, deep, shine, and yet so innocent, he never felt love before neither the sense of pride,

Gained his senses to lose them again, spent nights reconciling his thoughts with the mystique,
never in his life struck something so quick to grasp in a flash victoriously,
healed, patched, finally on his feet with captivating another breathe of the other,
ran down the step with the same "ZEAL", to walk on the isle but not alone this time.


ananya garg said...

the journeys will always be the same... but the real fun of it always always comes from who are they being journeyed with. :)

Nishant Mohan said...

TRUE!!!! Many lives