Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ribbed Stiffness

Impact of what has hit you still remains,
safety, surprised, afraid, wait for it, it is all stained,
trembling but still standing on to the pillars that bind,
you are the best I could in this whole world ever find,

wilderness, randomness, strangled, crawled out of the field,
slowly and slowly started to develop my own shield,
raised and grazed everything that came my way,
I declare myself and to the world that I am here to stay,

Danger, no danger ever has been lurking, ill be ever riding on the edge,
don't try to hold me ill stay safe on that same old ledge,
anticipation of the best to come out of the worst,
the feeling you get when you stay cold and then you burst,

answer the call those beckon you to the astounding light,
board on and don't miss that flight,
the driver is too strong to loose on to the weak bindings,
pack on my friend, and carry the face, and you will start to look for the new findings,

the destination has come, time to settle and stamp your way to the ground,
show them what you have achieved and finally found,
want to feel the sweet victory and to make history??
hold my hand and i will write a new damn story.


seher said...

i smell reminiscence beautifully portrayed yet inspirational though it gives an idea of the confused state of the author in the middle but you kno the sortedness in that confusion is what counts

Nishant Mohan said...

sorted ... that was the main idea behind this piece...