Friday, November 25, 2011

Diminutive Infinity

Flashes of pinching turbulence all over the body and the efforts made,
Running divine with the washed feet and dusty hair, trodden walk, afraid,
Catch up with the flow of the ongoings, and the serial bindings,
You may lose out on the chance for the moment and the emotions to capture the holy windings,

Hi, do you recognize me, I am you, the lost cause of your dangerous liaisons,
Amazed, isn’t it, why are aren't you the one who used to capture the leaves in every seasons,
Blow out of proportion, shut out completely, unrested, stand against yourself and not the wall,
Rotten and shredded, rusted no one can save you from this free fall,

Best interests and catchy phrases, tried to reconcile those efforts and finally your soul,
Miser, you don't realize you are only making a new hole in that whole,
Walk, run, move, and shift nothing can stop from getting dragged out,
Try and revive yourself one last time and give in your best shot to shout,

Withered, but not dead, take a chance and pull up the gears,
Handle yourself and bury every single of your fears,
Transition, movement, or call it the revolution, life has got a meaning so do you,
Take a stand, remember every name and the emotions, and grab the widened hue,

The tracks never end so does the miles, ride on to the journey,
Feel the pain, differentiate, eradicate and drink down every drop of the sweet poison you get,
This time you yourself are the driver of your punctured vessel, break down every sweat,
Glance left, glance right, and move forward, with every nerve of the eye on the road,

The moment you start counting the miles, is the moment you lose track of the events,
for every that had been done, there is no time to take a break, and look back at the advents,
The time the lips make an upward movement, hit the accelerator, let go of the wheel,
Things will soon start fall into places, and you yourself would feel the onset of an endless zeal,

Locked, set and aim now what the scene has been set, the lost sight is back,
Straighten up, re breathe and put every book back in that rack,
Now when the puzzle slowly and slowly fall in to respective positions,
Think back and laugh on those moments and emotions that showed feeble desperations,

Traded every bit off the soul to the devil for a that inch of piece, you were left weak,
Now that learnt the trick of the trade, beckon every one of your demons, fight and don't freak,
Peace is all now that revolve around the forces of your entire entity,
You are the sole source, the creator, the founder of the immense power of INFINITY.

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