Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Light & Easy

Pleasure, every moment, you carry a smile,
Let the reflex on your face reflect the length of the Nile,
Glory and joy will always bring you plenty of time,
You'll never have any time for the sinful crimes,

Why do you connect to the sorrows of life,
When you can take every joyful stride,
Mortal, the more you fall in the cliff,
the more your life gets stiff,

Sadness has never brought smile to the face,
And all it does it keeps your success on very high stakes,
Why, why, why, you have to lose out to the sorrows,
When there are other good things to chew and not to swallow,

Feelings die, but the heart still remains a vault,
Try not, but to give a shot, it's not always your fault,
Accept it my friend, you are a gift in this short journey,
Fight for every smile, every smallest thing will become light and funny.

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