Friday, November 11, 2011

Reconciled Glory

Figuring the forms of the nature divine presented us with,
rising up those shadows under the sun light and crawl up the tree trunk,
the forest was lit on fire and the species were mesmerized in the randomness,
rose up to the branches to save myself and softly settled on the carpet of leaves

time was short and not the destination,
I had to reach to the place I was called before I could seek devil's attention,
as the fire had reached its maximum rage, passion was still kept under his cage,
it was only a matter of time he leapt on to the far distant pond he could see,
moments were there and emotions rode so high that the light years could freeze.

the minute he rode out of the fire lit jungle and held his breathe,
all he could see and turn around was filth full of many beaten souls,
kick, start, and pumped up the engine and drove away,
bruised and battered, the wind of the new fresh air unrusted the pacified wounds.

unabrupted by the thoughts of what he left behind strangely, yet so beautifully,
climbed up the ladder of what was called safe haven,
glance, stare and saw a beautiful eye filled with depth and heart fr only one to share,
I was left but nothing to carry on with those mystical eyes and the love for which I care.

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