Monday, November 14, 2011

No Justifications

have you ever wondered why you are here in this moment,
all I ask for the credibility of the senses and those lost sonnets,
If you can feel the numb touch of the time,
you can just stand up commit and accept your crime,

sorrounded by the sounds that lead you to this path,
dignified by the rusted lust for the credence and leftover shard,
take your chances and lead on to the land,
bow down and not out run , dont forget to take a stand,

glittery, shimmery , all wonder it to be like that,
no one ever realises it will turn out to be like and out it goes,
cling on and hold till the end, bond is too strong,
just try not to be feable and march on forward singing the victory song,

the glass is full along with the empty bottle,
dont blow up your chance to fill it again with a full throttle,
life has all the potions you crave for, desire for,
it only matter when you aim for the shots you see through .

1 comment:

Strings said...

ahh just loved it brother... u rock \m/