Friday, November 18, 2011


Sorry, thank you, blinded by these emotions,
man can never come out of the formalities and see through light,
formal insanity, thats what it is based on a sorry plight,
stuck in this myriad of life, move out else you will be stuck in the heavy commotion,

moving with the crowd, cold, flowing, no heading directions,
life is all stuck in a frame, and you stop paying attention,
hurt, unhurt more or less the same, the feeling goes away,
all in one, one in all, life is in a complete disarray,

what all takes to smile, a deep thinking or just a flex,
give it a shot, it all about the right reflex,
this is not the end, its just the beginning, a sweet change beckoning,
give a shot and move towards those blind openings,

reaching towards the far ended store, tired yet alive,
breathe in and out, you slowly begin to glide,
smiling was never tough, it was the tears that were so easy to flow,
Darling, were you lost, I always wanted to capture that afterglow....

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