Friday, November 4, 2011


moonlight walk, slow steps , the sands falling beneath your feet,
but the thought in your mind keep on going steep,
life had taken a turn , widened,
it worked like a machine lost its pulleys and was unstrapped,

only light left at the time was the moon,
you wish you could end this all so soon,
parked the wheels outside the cage,
still you couldnt let go of that deep embedded rage,

Never so desperate in life for certain answers,
wish could unravel the mirror beneath the sheet of sand,
no energy left for to blow the sand,
come take a walk with me , hold my hand

Blew the wind uncovered from the ever so hardened dust,
the only i was searching for with that charming lust,
wish could lay in those palms, the lap and stare at the moon,
you showed me life, gave me reason, to come out of that cocoon.

1 comment:

ananya garg said...

there are times in life when you want to say sooo much but you just don't feel the need...because its all been taken care of :)