Monday, January 9, 2012

The Pink Journey

Hunt me down to the cave where I have been hiding for so long,
Call out my name with the sweet serene voice and sing the song,
Move out of the tress, the shadows and the lakes I want to see your face,
I want to see what God has sent for me and the one would be my everlasting craze.

Shout out and bulge the sweet air surrounding you with the heavy sounds of the leaves,
Help me understand the greener pastures covered with the sweet mist of your breathe,
Cover me in your ever so smooth and strong shadow, bind me with you,
I want to live like this, stay with you and get lost in very possible of your hues,

People say, people listen, and then they die, we will still remain alive,
Let nothing affect the warmth and the clouds we've built for us,
I will never let you down; I am down on my knees and with all my love,
I lust you, I trust you, and I love you, stay with me and be my shinning dove,

Reach to the door, pull out, push in the ramifications to enhance the vision,
Watch the roll of the carpet under your footsteps for what I have woven,
Sit beside me, lie along me, let’s join ourselves together and let’s get lost in the mist,
My love, this was just a flash of our love story in a very small gist.

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