Monday, January 9, 2012

The Shinning Abyss

Sky dived in to the deep blue sea to reach for the millionth pearl its glance,
Pay respect to the sea gods and pay the price to reach the shores in advance,
Hollowed visions for the distant dreams of the holy dreamer,
Always in search for the tidal waves that will take him to the closest freedom,

It was the moment of adventure, the anonymous emotions that crawled within his skin,
Glory and madness were at the same time complimenting each other and were akin,
Priceless eyes lustered with the reflection that kept blinding him,
The pearl was so immaculate that no one could ever imagine its invariable hymn.

It was that moment when he touched that shine, the soul the anything in the everything’s,
Crazy, hemisphere, encircled, fazed, by the self-explanatory turn of events and their upbringings,
Disposed the every sorrow emotion for which he dived in like a crawling baby,
Dismayed by the comfort of the un belongingness of the discovery he made and bifurcated the waves,

Overshadowed the sweet and blanked the moon light straight above his ahead,
Worned out, rolled over the cool breeze underlying the pearl in the deep blue sea capturing the tears shed,
Myriad of the commoners amongst which stood one out of the rest and attested the special position,
Glory, fame and those greedy faces all looked for one, but the winner stood amongst all, who was never judged on the situation.

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