Sunday, January 22, 2012


Unparallel, unmatched, you light your surroundings,
With your sublime goodness you shower,
You earn and win the others around you,
Life won’t ever be tough on you.

Fought your way up to this level,
Have to forge many more miles,
A person like you can never stop,
Because you possess various impeccable styles.

Diverse, yet so uniform, you excel,
Excel at whatever front you are in,
May the lord be so cheerful,
He’ll guide you to that aim you are aiming,
To make your dreams fulfill.

There are so many things that I am grateful to God,
But one of those is having you around,
“My dear friend, life is always tough,
And to make it easy, God sends people like YOU”.


seher said...

beautiful is d word

ananya garg said...

i think it is beyond any one word which can describe these lines
simple, sober sweet n yet so expressive..
m sure it is someone super lucky to receive this from you :)