Saturday, January 21, 2012


Marshmallows, sugar syrups, juices and the soft candy,
Hardened enough to keep the joyous emotions handy,
Position yourselves to the time redundant and back to the days,
Remembrance is what is left and the soft clouds are left in dismay.

Gathered the pebbles from the shallow pond to the river to the sea,
All the while every fun was enjoyed and made her to ease,
This was never meant to last till the end,
Still moved every bit of the inch of the memory to the mind's closet to reach the dead-end,

Free yourself from the magnanimity of what you have kept safe,
Ventilate the aura around you and turn the steering towards the strait,
Navigate into the lost found waters of the clear oceans and search for stability,
Resuscitate the kid inside you to form the everlasting genius to the immortality.

We are ever circling in the so called carousel of life we have been put into,
A certainty, the mercy, the pain, and the final pinch to come out of the dream we've been pushed into,
No need to start again, gather the pieces, together, alone, only with an everlasting smile,
It is the beginning of the so called journey to the center of your heart and to the end of your nerves,
Don’t forget to adept and adapt and make it your decorative lifestyle,

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