Saturday, January 14, 2012

Shards, Scars and Soot

Funny turn in the road lead to the crashing of the tyres,
The shards flew higher into the tree tops, gravity, and to the ground,
the window was left in a state of mire,
Damsel in the closet was stuck in the moment grasping the shattered sound.

The crowd gave her the look and their suspicious supporting hands,
All ever she could wonder at that subconscious moment and the new found lost lands,
Bruises and scars, face to the leg to the heart and to the mind,
Intoxicated and drugged landed up to this instance, how that she had to find,

Take it easy don’t inhale the smoke that has been clouding your thoughts,
Picture and gather the moments that you have caught,
Love, the instant hit keynote, the fragile gloat ,and the strong antidote,
Baby knees weak, so what, the brain not dead and you are still the lifeboat,

Recovery from that pretty momentous moment that changed the fringes to hinges,
Take a walk, sip down the drink and lay low till the lunatic has been uncage,
Thunder under his heels, and the eyes ripped the soul of the mirror,
Don’t be afraid, savior, hold on to him, and make everything conquer!!!!

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