Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hidden Treasures

Patrolling cars, the Barbie and the flying kites, random tandems,
Fixed in the described flow of the every sweet sweat spent on the freedom,
Billed from the heavens straight to the world, people call hell,
Change the notion of the mind, try to believe and just ring the bell,

Sun and the moon are just the figures floating in the seas of toys,
There are many more things to explore from and search for many such joys,
The clay, the woods, the fire and the earth are all the breached cause of the curiosity,
Pull out the treasury from deep beneath and show your hidden generosity,

All that we aim for, all that we gain for, in this form or the other,
Lost in what we get everytime when think and talk about the mother,
It is the existence, the presence and the birth we have found on this journey for an answer,
Crawling slowly to reach what I have to on the beds of lying zephyrs,

Hi, I am the depth you will always lie to yourself till you want to make your own way,
Lost are the Roman in scriptures and the Mayan, so are the many civilizations are now a stray,
Time to plunge in with the rope around and grab everything what has been kept to be unearthed,
Strap up and stand to make a mark, present you, and make yourself heard,

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