Monday, January 23, 2012

Feeble Drifts

Shinning disco balls, the glowing blood, fired up adrenaline,
Flying the bird high in the sky, with ray ban, with a Marlboro,
He was no spy,
He was the silent debater with a million wings to fly.

Falling slowly and feebly into the ditch made by you for yourself,
Forever walking with the same speed and a will to never grow beyond that rusted shelf,
Safely to and for the ground stayed tied and glued not a move a skin,
Unknown to the body, the soul is now a rock and the body is unlinked akin,

Feverish, the road led him to this day, to this stage, feeble drifts, and lost all,
Oh stranger, miser or the wiser, you alone have got to be the fighter,
Bring out your best to arrange for a feast,
Greet us with the charm you won in the battle fought against the beast,

The beginning till the end, the narrow to the broad, come may whatever you have raised the cup,
The solo act, the fine performance, and the live stage you have lit up,
All for one and none for the one, the point you’ve made has been registered,
Don't forget the times for the many gatherings you have anchored,

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