Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Drifting apart in the crowd was a face,
Rising above the rest there lay his crude grace,
Inside the pockets of the memories lay his piece,
Uncover his journey and the mystic way of living life with ease,
Bending the cruel corners of time along the sharp boundaries,
Hideous yet it may seem, he was the true son of the nineties,
Commanding the herd from left to right,
Always ready the man with gun for an irresistible fight,
For the time to travel to the unfound lands had come,
A new place written on the map known to some,
Caressed the situations to smother the moment,
Estranged motions and the Success stories were distant,
Above and beyond the shadows of time lay his spirit,
Finding the right amounts of people on the clock in the empty basket,
Fulfilling the skipping stones and their desires to run,
Amidst all the travel there is a road filled of fun,

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