Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Negative Influence

They say turn off the lights, its time to bed, lay rest the grave,
I say the time has come to wake the dead from rest and spread the crave,
My shouts and their cries, got my second soul, hidden open part,
Complying calmly to the uncalm behaviors of mine, it was just the start,

Fists pump in the air, and wine flowing along the walls,
There was noise all around the causeway and the tidy halls,
Hello there Maharaj, are you here for the after rave,
Blown up fuses and the random shouts to slay the floor with the wave,

People prefer to stay away, when I am awake,
You bring in the zest to spice up the tremors and the earthquakes,
Dancing with the night lights in the fog with lost souls,
Fought many battles to overcome the bindings of the society and its tolls,

My demeanor and yet they call me the negative influence,
Bundles of energy and the readiness to do invigorates the essence,
Are you still wondering to be a cause of that bugger cause,
Despite the longing of the long sleepless night, bring your self to that pause.

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