Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Lost Opportunity

To the shallow water I  tried to swim in and run,
Rough end and narrow friends life was more than fun,
The revolution was unheard with the emulsified expressions,
The beats came through the drums packed with emotions,

For those small moments I ran to the shore to catch you,
Found out the shadow you projected was made of my hue,
Demise of the moment and the mountain built of the strange visions,
In an instant the craving for a chance to change the decisions,

Moon and the light captured within my feet,
I lost the plot and the life worth of effort gone in the heat,
The burden of the empty heart, carrying the weight,
Never frightened though had crashed and burned the stage,

Knitted deeply the bond is so strong that the string fell short of words,
Running blindly I am the one of those lost soul in the random herds,
For even if I tried to fit the sorrows in my pocket,
There would have been many days I spend counting the moments in my basket.

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