Monday, July 21, 2014


Wondering as to how the road be crossed,
Million of creatures in my way to be leap frogged,
Remembering the days of sun and the unlimited fun,
It is a pace, a wanted phase, time for me to run,

Operating at a mid peek, the choices mattered the most,
Mixing up winds with time, there wasn't any room for the host,
Dedicating the efforts to the dances of the demons,
The skill I possessed were too much for him to be shown,

Honestly crawling in my soul, reaching out to the ocean,
Chewing out slowly, wrapped in covers the bitter emotions,
Not for once light dimmed in the approaching road,
After all it was the 'He' who held my hand,

Without the force, the motive wasn't clear,
The journey so far paved, didn't seem so near,
All I could pack along for the time was faith,
For the time was for to love the existence rather than to hate.

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