Sunday, July 6, 2014


Insightful and the brilliant glowing light at the end,
Covering my path all along the road with the special friend,
Parked high and free beside the moonlight,
My entry to the realm had taken its flight,

No promises, no vows, the movement was free,
My eyes marked the road straight ahead with stretch of the heavy trees,
Paid in advances the dusts seeped in through the cracks,
My friend had cast the spell and consumed I was by the heavy attacks,

Livid, dry and high, knee deep weak, long road, a distant blur,
My existence in the air, locked by the thought of her,
Nothing passed by, in the deepest trance of my deeds,
The best had yet to come, shadow of her soul on my body still sleeps,

Like the children played, she strayed in the soul,
The moment, time and second, paralysed my existence to the whole,
The burning face of reality cooled by the glass of insanity,
Along came the wilderness with the pinch of reality. 

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