Sunday, July 6, 2014

Fool's Errand

Livid by the fact of the presence of her essence,
Couldn't sleep a single night, my heart started beating as if on a death sentence,
Two feet above the ground,
Dumbstruck in love my body had lost any senses to be found

The bridge crawled upon covered by the many faces,
Hard to speak the truth pinned by the unwanted deeds,
Captured the million riffs inside the small hole,
It wasn't a fight for the survival, for the fort was captured by the whole,

Insidious and creepy the emotions ran wild amongst thee,
Twisted and round the the crops were grazed by dead and free,
Swollen and free the warrior was resting beneath the grave,
Unsure of what lying above cover was the hidden truth,

With the sword in his hands carrying the force along,
Heavy bindings and strong feelings the tidal waves were strong,
The seventh hour and last call for the final tragedy,
Gasped, turned and shocked to know he was his own enemy.

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