Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Momentarily Dissolution

Articulating the journey prophesied by destiny,
Lost the track of events jumbled up within the tangled irony,
Hey now, run up to the call,
It is the pinned down hope of a miser and that free fall,

Summed up within the few chapters of seamless energy,
It wasn't that easy to find a soul to strike that chord of synergy,
Instant of quick decisions sideways and fixed are the plans,
Cant it be the for longed and prolonged pains of my lost clans,

The silence and its betrayal followed with grim of the reaper,
It was just a nod made from heaven to find the plan keeper,
Wake from the fears and run behind the arms of my silence,
Hopes and joys are source of the happiness and its absence,

Imagine the race to mountains and the fight against the dragons,
Leave behind the cravings dipped in the lost actions,
There is always room to find that empty slot in spite of the darkness,
Forge the way to the top and leave everyone breathless.

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