Monday, February 16, 2015

Abstract Absurdness

Figurines and the twisted metals coming out of the detailing,
The rusted and the dusted agonizing presence of the clock ticking,
Imagine the racing of the witches besides the open windows,
This was the final count of the opportunity and how the time froze.

Spool of the wool left lying around the room, hanging by the balance,
It was the randomness of the owner and the constant fight with his hidden arrogance,
Rage and filled within that dying age, knowingly generated chaos,
Twisted by the moment, the disturbed yet so near perfect is the timeless gloss.

Obliterating any chances of liquidating the presence of energy,
Effigizing the remains that were left behind of the hapless strategy,
Marauding the efforts of the others and the leftovers of the fight,
Madness, purity and the smoothness that brought an end to the blinding light,

Slowly swaying and fading away the after effects of the air,
Dancing to the tunes of the puzzles left behind with that cold stare,
Slayed and butchered inside the hall and left to wandered within that maze,
Carrying on from the loss, his clock was stuck since the start, on her haze.

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