Monday, February 23, 2015

Stuck in the Middle

And yet again, it happened, crashed and shook the dust of the ceiling,
Wrapped in the time bound happiness, inflicted by the accident of the broken wing,
And the motionless flight of my thoughts crashed against the wall,
How sad it was to burn and fall even though I was to crawl,

Multiple bruises and the latches that kept on reminding the pain,
It was all dark around me and what was left of me was a smile swallowed in vain,
Redemption in the sweet songs of the stories left behind by the dead,
Foolish thoughts of a dreamer, better be left alone instead,

Tantalizingly the wicked nature of the sufferings obnoxiously sweet,
Running around the same path endlessly in a flash to keep it all discreet,
Slipping secretly the wishes and the notes below the lost ground,
It was the last chance, commissioned into the game, between the love lost and found,

The tickling feeling and the smile brought by the touch,
Touch of hers and the cracking of the mind that hadn't lost much,
Ringing bells in the air echoing in my breathe melancholy,
The battle was hung in the thoughts of hers that were begging to be free

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