Tuesday, March 3, 2015



“Fraternizing Affection Together in a Heartful and Emotion-ed Heart”

Bound by the earth, in a land filled with dreams and aspirations clouded by the situations,
Can’t see the possible run for the money, left alone in family to nurture the apprehensions,
Million dreams, gasped within and washed away by the blinding lights of the hustling youth,
Fading away the thought of big dreams in the big city alone left covered by the million truths,

Rinsed in the dirt from the young, heart pumping to get cleanse the layers of unwanted faces,
Struggled hard to jump out of the big lights to a city of fresh life and a new partner and tough times,
Faint beginnings and edgy leaps, pacing slowly to make road for the life, mimicking the aces,
Principles and high emotions marked the ability to roll along easy in time of tough tides,

Fathering a new life, in the tight situations and big dreams, with limitations stronger than steel,
Never kept the pockets empty, kept the dreams alive, with sacrifices keeping his life on the heel,
Father to a son, husband to a wife, brother to all for in any time of needs,
Loved and called by all gratifying the magnitude of his patience rendered by his incomparable deeds,

Moulded day by day to the new struggles and sweet memories, learned his way out of the rough,
Standing this day to the more to come, personified by the aura, marathon of this life made him tough,
With the age falling on, the grey hair, reaching a new height of the castle you’ve built out of hard-earned pieces,
Happy Birthday Narinder Mohan, for this life isn’t big enough for your love and the awaiting prizes.

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