Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Devils Game

Finding the darkest of the pleasures in the brimmest of the lights,
In the covered sheath of the cold waters,
The hair start to rise in the midst of her shadow,
The devil, seen in the winds, won’t wait for the tomorrow,

Hideous may be the reality of the truth yet to uncover,
There were lost souls amongst the clouds and not a single flag to hurl,
The lands were covered with ice and snow,
No remorse, the dead walked with the darkest glow,

Roaming wildly, yet searching for the pinch of freedom to taste,
Streets filled with fire had no space, there was no time one couldn’t waste,
Stressful the danger lurked ahead on the way,
Even the gods couldn’t save them in the dark of the days

Singled out by the thought of defeat,
Dead bodies saw their heads rolled down to their feet,
The blood spilled, covered the lands with the flood of fire,
One shot to the veins and the miser couldn’t wish to get much higher

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