Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Crusty Rusty Love

Through the thin crusty layers of ice,
The love was so fragile that I could see its sudden demise,
Covered by the flakes of past, the snow was plain,
Lost amongst the shadows were the sweet memories of ours washed down the drain,

Sinned the last summer, winters came heavy on,
The rush was too much to handle the forces were heavy and strong,
The open heart, punctured by the thought of separation dried,
What so ever may be the reason, efforts made so much nothing more could be tried,

Assumptions of a lovers broken heart, traumatized by the pain,
The million battles everyday fought amongst ourselves,
Dwelled into a war brought miseries and tears to dry up again,
To the blacks and the raging white was divided my soul and the every part of me,

The weekly sun came into too late to burn the puzzle left on the tracks,
Breathing heavily under the rains of the hidden love,
Cemented by the rage beneath, filled up the widened cracks,
Drifting slowly into the deep abyss, my hands emptied the pockets in the gloves.

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