Friday, July 24, 2015

Gloomy Eyes

Passages into the book of leaves,
Crusted and dusted within those trees,
Following within the pages of leaflets,
The veins runs high & dry fighting its presence to be free,

Within the adjusted fairness mapped to the senses,
Lost within time connecting bridges that overlook the dark forces,
Shadows of time built upon the castles of lust,
On a quest to wipe out history unrest under, years of dust,

Risk of getting burst under imminent force of emotions,
Isolating the wrong things in the right way to hide the devil's expressions,
Weary the threads of time, bound faintly to the ground,
Sense lost and crushed, no matter how the effect was, the jungle made no sound,

Distant edgy lights dimmed the smiles,
Calls for the water to fall from the sky buried within the files,
Missed the opening of the weather in the high demands of war,
There is a lot to learn from the dead than to see what is not too far.

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