Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Chapter 2 - Aftermath

Time to magnify my horizons, search for clues,
It’s now time I find right feet for those shoes,
Been lost for so long, that people call me sulky,
Move and shake on, stop making your heart bulky.

Yes, it hurts to revert back from those moments,
But now I have to realise they were futile ornaments,
Invested heavily in them, those turned out to be false,
I’ll probably wait for some one to come, certainly when the heaven calls.

Time for the windmills to churn the wheat again,
The sunflower to bend towards the sun again,
Let the dragonflies raze over the fields,
I’ll write these poems and they will be my shield.

Even if I stood a chance,
It was too late just to give a chance,
I’m now a free bird, from those overgrown,
Overgrown premature yet so soft memories of hers.

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