Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Chapter 6

Swollen State
Burnt body, charred soul, drowned in the alcohol,
Not able to rise up or stand on my forbidden land,
Left thin and lean, glean, but still not clean,
Have faint marks on my body and have rusted glands.
Fight, fight, fight and all I could just do I write
These words of mine describe my hidden plights,
Living on the edge of every breathe I take,
Life for me is on the verge of make or break.
I empty my spirit in the spirits on a daily basis,
Cigarette butts fly on around me as the seconds races,
In need of these sources to block my mind from those faces,
I don’t care the suffering what my body chases.
Left alone time to straighten up,
Need to take a break and give myself a strong pump,
I take my bike and move on to a destination unknown,
Leaving behind the memories of mine thrown.

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