Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Chapter 7

Straight Highway
I put my gloves on, with my black shades,
Turn the keys, and start the engine blades,
Turn the accelerator, and begin my journey ahead,
Don’t know where I’m heading, with my bags packed with beer and bread.
Winds whistling past my face, my hair curling here and there,
Going to have a little fun, a good time,
The highway is straight, full off pits and shrines,
With every turn of my wheel, leaving my past behind I look up to the divine.
With my brakes on, reached the mountain top,
This is the place where I can do anything and I won’t get caught,
Could see the never ending river down the hill I climbed,
Plunged in to the river and tasted its fresh spirit.
Lost in the wilds, with the greens around me,
This was freshness I wanted always that made me feel free,
Look out at the world beyond thee full of emotions,
Run with me, come to me and I will show you that they are just but false notions.

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