Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Wrote a series of poems in forms of chapters titled Dementia.

Chapter 1
Over & Out

A thousand forces couldn’t break those chains
It could have been worse if I tried to refrain
One night, few seconds, few words
And it all came down crashing on me

My cards fell, and everything was lost,
It was just like the refrigerator had defrost,
The water left was too cold to touch over,
I was rattled by the events and their reasons.

Now that I know where I stand
I’ll always keep myself chained to the ground,
It will be over soon, I’ll have to refrain,
Find another reason and came out of the exile.

Won’t ever go back to the phase I was called,
I’ll keep my records in those long lost files,
And pray to heavens, thought of ‘IT’ will always make me smile
I vent out my anger & sorrows, through these poems, but I won’t ever cry.

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