Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Chapter 8

Re Birth
A lot of time has passed, things have moved on,
My relapse has ended, and now I am heading to a start on my own,
Dewy leaves and fresh faces feel like I am back,
I was long that now I have to come out of my knap sack.
It took me long, a very long time to get back to were I was before,
I couldn’t imagine myself standing alone on the lonely sea shore,
Now that the smile I left is back to fill that cleft,
The emotions have gone that I had and I never slept.
He had plans for me, that involved the trip which condemned for long,
Still I keep a good attitude and sing that song,
My words still pour those left over feelings,
That won’t ever go beyond the ceiling.
The sweet journey had all the shares of fun and sorrows,
I’ll look at your face forever and for today and tomorrow,
I could help you the way you wanted,
All I can say is that it was the time we were granted.
“Never give a heart to the person whom you love,
Love the person who can give you his/her heart”

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