Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Chapter 5

I’m lighting another cigarette,
Raising one more of the coming glasses,
I’m not weak, not feeble,
I just belong here, this stable.
Don’t help me stand, if I’m out,
I’ll raise one more toast,
I’ll find my own way out of this,
Through all these days and night.
Search for the tigers and the lions,
They are out of their dens, uncage them,
Free their holy spirits and give them their long lost freedom,
Those things now want to get out of the unwanted boredom.

The day will come sooner or later,
That’ll be the time when I’ll fill that crater
I’m not afraid anymore of falling for you,
It’s just a wicked game that I felt this way.
Time for the righteous to move on,
Break away those lovely yet tangled chains,
There exists no feelings, no emotions, only flesh,
Strange desires but I never dreamed that I’ll fall for you.
Millions are those stars gazing upon me,
I see them and wish that I was free,
The winds never stopped gushing through the leaves,
Neither will the moon change its route.
Sleepless nights, nightmare won’t budge me,
Again, no I don’t want to fall in love,
Dewy leaves, rested cats and chasing dogs,
Past times, present times; I have become a jumping frog.
Yes, it was a battle, not for thee,
I’ll still march on, on and on and keep finding the answers for me,
Gold slick moments will forever roll before my eyes,
Then I’ll turn myself to the ever calling skies.
Estranged desires, pushed me to my limits for ever and ever,
Crave not for the things you lost,
Search for those,
That‘ll make you feel sloshed.
Run mortal, run, you are trapped inside your lusts,
Keep on pushing harder, till you get that thrust,
“Life is a like a pack of cigarettes, they keep blowing you away,
Till you keep them glowing at your lips’ bay.”

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