Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Origin

You reach to that ocean full of pearls and the depth,
try to reach up and catch a breathe,
surface is full of air and the one you know,
it s a place where you will never find snow,

crawling up to the surface and you face the labyrinth,
all you can feel is the deep ocean stink,
wondering how to overcome the reality of the fragilities,
one climbs up and falls out of those unfound 'normalities'

Unanswered steps and those missed creepy crawls,
insanity and begin to wonder what has earth found,
life, life which never begun but it rose to that sweet little sound,
mystified and petrified by the deeds of the undone souls,

rise up move on you have reached the ultimate core,
search for you have the right to the fulfilled store,
all of your thoughts have those meanings,
shake yourself up to the surface because you only hold the steering,....


seher said...

such clear metaphoric distinctions of the inner and the outer world , sublime yet so bracketed . And the best part is the beckoning call to self by self..
My question is how do we distinguish between the self 'which is calling' and the self 'which is being called' , out of the two which ones Real?

cuz both can handle steering wheel of life but will take it to different paths altogether . you know what i mean .

Nishant Mohan said...

Goodness ... what a description .. I know what you mean,,, this is basically a motivational and a positive sided poem.

Well yes it depends upon which steering you take and where do you turn... that you only learn after a lot of practice my dear... or in easy words... EXPERIENCE.